The Chingasso Cart.

This is my custom built cart that I have been working on for the last couple of years.  I started with a club car drive train and built the cart around it.  The frame is 1" x 2" steel tubing.  The drive train is connected to the frame using an adjustable front pivot point for tracking, and two coil over adjustable shocks that I got off a mazda miata at a junk yard.  The front end is a combination of an EXGO front axle, a fabricated swing arm made by cutting an welding together two swing arms from a 4x4 Honda 4 wheeler.  I used two coild over shock from the 4-wheeler and an adjustable coil over shock to provide the 14" of travel for the front end.  The controls are all from club car.  I added a 48" x 54" dump box as the cart is primarily used as a work cart around our Ranchitto in the Black Hills.  The engine mods include a custom air intake (shop vac hose)  .50 mm oversized piston.  I am going to have Tom at Cart Parts Plus install the power kits in my clutches to give me some hill climbing power.  I plan on eventually upgrading the engine to a big block v-twin.  The tires are 22" Duro on 10" offset wheels. 

The photo gallery show some parts of the cart.  The front cowl is hand made fiberglass.  Seen here with the first coat of primer on the top, still finishing the sides.  Most of the cart is about ready for painting after some finish body work.  Photo Gallery